Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I don't want to go to school!

Those words are being uttered by me, rather than my very excited five year old who will be starting Kindergarten in less than three weeks. I always knew that this day would come but boy, I just don't think I'm ready.

Don't get me wrong, this actually has nothing to do with my son growing up and starting a new phase in his life (as most moms would confess to being upset with). This is totally about my insecurity as a mother and a person. Back when I was in school I wasn't popular but since I was an athlete, I hung out with a pretty popular crowd. I basically floated my way through high school without any permanent damage. So, when we had kids, I assumed that I would have plenty of time to work myself up to going back to school. My husband and I decided that we were going to enroll our kids in Catholic school. This concept was completely foreign to me as I had attended public schools my entire life. Whereas, my husband had attended private, Catholic schools for the majority of his life. I'll admit, I was completely against it in the beginning but eventually we decided that it would be best for our family. Once that decision was made and our son was accepted, the true panic began to sink in for me. This arena was completely new to me, school is school, but when you're paying for it, I believe that it changes everything.

So, what brought on all this panic, my son's school supply sale. How harmless could that be? You go in, get supplies, find out what teacher he has and poof, you're done! Not so much. I decided to take the day off from work because I had a lot of other errands to run as well so I thought I'd spend the day playing catch up. I decided to go first thing in the morning because I figured no one would be there. Much to my surprise, the parking lot was PACKED! I couldn't believe it but decided that I just simply needed to get it over with. I walked in and a very sweet woman could tell by the distraught look on my face that I had no clue as to what I was doing and offered to help. Bless you! I proceeded to tell her that we were new to the school and I wasn't sure where to begin. She graciously pointed me to all the areas that I needed to visit and said that I could come back and ask her any questions that I had.

Everyone's chatting away and I looked like I had no clue as to what was going on. It reminded me of a section that I have been reading in Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads (by Rosalind Wiseman & Elizabeth Rapoport) which describes how adults are in these categories based on their personalities. I absolutely love this book because had someone written a teenage version of these scenarios when I was in high school, I would have ruled the school! Bottom line, I survived the first of soon to be many trips to school but I know that it will get easier (right?) as we get more comfortable with the environment. I just hope that my sons don't take after their paranoid mom!

Monday, August 6, 2007

What am I?

You Are a Realist

You don't see the glass as half empty or half full. You see what's exactly in the glass.
You never try to make a bad situation seem better than it is...
But you also never sabotage any good things you have going on.
You are brutally honest in your assessments of situations - and this always seems to help you cope.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My little entrepreneur

Today was the second day of our family garage sale and boy what a day! My husband has such a knack for talking to complete strangers that he was awarded the job of overseeing today's event. Within the first two hours he had succeeded in surpassing the entire amount that was made on Friday. It's amazing to see things that we no longer wanted were quite popular with those who purchased our "treasures".

Early that morning, my oldest son was begging us to allow him to put together a lemonade stand. He even said to me that with the amount of people that were coming to our house, he was sure that they would be thirsty. So, we proceeded to put together his make shift stand and he set up shop at the end of our driveway. He, like his dad, is a natural at talking to people and telling them all about himself and what he was selling. It was slow going for the first hour but in the end my little entrepreneur made $7.75 (not bad for selling it at a $.25 a glass). He's so proud of how many "customers" that he had and quickly took all of his money and put it into his dinosaur bank.

Even though it's just a lemonade stand, this is my little boy growing up and gaining independence...where does the time go?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'll give you something for nothing

Yes, that's what alot of people expected to hear me say when we opened up for our garage sale today. Now, this post is not meant to offend those of you who love to look for bargains at garage sales, but just how it can exhaust those who are selling things. I'm not big on doing garage sales, however, after we moved to our new home last May, we realized how many items remained in our basement for a little over a year, untouched/unopened. So, my husband and I decided it was time to purge alot of items that we were no longer using, as well as toys that the boys are no longer interested in.

So, we decided to open our door bright and early this morning to await those who wanted to find a deal. I consider myself to be a fair person and tried to price items accordingly. Within the first hour we had several people come by looking for deals. I ran into a few tough customers who didn't want to pay what the price was on the sticker and I remained firm on certain items. What I don't understand is why someone continues to barter even after I've told them that the price is the price. For example, I had a couple of games that had never been opened and a woman brings one up and says "I'll give you a quarter for this game". I smiled politely and said "I"m sorry but I'm asking $3 for it because it's never been opened. What I was saying in my head was "are you kidding me, you think that I'm going to basically give you a brand new game for a quarter?"

Needless to say, some walked away when they realized that I wasn't budging, my husband thought I was crazy for not dealing but I figured that we had another full day of potential customers and if no one purchased certain things, our local charities would gladly take any items that I had. Maybe it's simply my personality that doesn't lend itself to the "thrill of the chase", I'm perfectly fine taking my toys and going home.

Tomorrow is another day...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A picture's worth a thousand words...

which can be so depressing! A couple of months ago I decided that it was time for a family portrait. I found a photographer that I loved, Erin Johnson, and was quite excited to see the finished product. Much to my horror when I saw myself in the first photo I literally broke into tears (I'm not a big crier, so that's important to understand) over how large I looked.

You know how most people think that they look heavier than they actually are when it comes to photos, I'm not one of those individuals (at least until this episode). Although I'm far from being skinny, I've always considered myself normal. Well, that certainly went out the window, along with everything fattening in the house. I've been athletic all my life, at least until Logan was born, so when I became a mom, I assumed that the extra weight was something to be proud of (like, look at me I have a kid!) Boy, I sure was stupid. So, the debate in my head began, to lose or not to lose.

Right around this time my husband mentioned that he had joined a "fitness challenge" through his office and thought that it would be good for both of us to stick to the plan that his group was participating in at work. Great, since my motivation was high, this was my chance to start shaping up. I started working out five nights a week on our treadmill (surrounded by train tracks and Legos). I started to feel better but wasn't seeing the scale creep away from that horrible number. So, I decided that if I was really to make a go of it that I needed to enlist professional help. Since I've been active the majority of my life, I understand fitness regimes and lifting etc., so I prefer to stay away from those "meat market" gyms that are more fluff than substance.

There's a small gym right down the street from where we live so I decided to check it out. I met with the owner and explained what I was looking for. My goal was to start with a personal trainer to get back into the swing of things and then take off on my own. Although he was very polite, the first thing I asked him about was why people join this particular gym, his reply was "we cater to people who are middle aged, like yourself". WHOA! Since when is a 33 year old considered to be middle aged? As you can see from my photo on the main page, I'm no longer a cute 20 something, but I'm hardly middle aged. Aside from his strange sense of aging people, I thought that this gym would be the perfect fit for me. So, I inquired about training sessions and explained that my schedule was never "regular". Ok, so that was quickly swept aside when the cost came up and I was told what a "bargain" I was getting. Luckily, I had been doing some research beforehand and knew that it wasn't a "bargain". I did however purchase eight half-hour sessions to be used whenever and signed up. The other plus of this gym is that there are no contracts and you pay monthly. As a mom, that's key when some months simply slip by and you realize that you didn't have any time for yourself.

So, what's the point of this rambling you ask? Well, I've been at the gym for one month (only used one trainer session) and I've lost 8 lbs. (total weight loss over the past two months, 20 lbs.). I'm pleased with this stat because it shows me two things; 1) I do have the ability to keep myself motivated, at least for now and 2) I've made it a priority to carve out 1.5 hours at least four times a week to either get to the gym or use the treadmill at home. Those two facts alone have been very hard for me to prioritize.

As for my husband, well he has been doing well also. He enjoys running so he's been running a 10K at least 3-4 times a week. I'm no where near that because my knees are bad and more importantly, I loathe running! But it's been fun to keep each other motivated and see how much better we both look and feel even with our different approaches (he eats whatever and runs and lifts weights whereas I use Slim fast (once a day), utilize portion control and exercise 4-5 times per week.)

I hope that my motivation will be constant and that I can continue down this goal is to lose a total of 60 lbs. which I know will take awhile so I want to do it the right way. Another great motivation is that my brother-in-law will be getting married next June so I truly hope that I can be at my goal weight by then and buy a fabulous new dress to celebrate!

Gotta go, time for a yummy rice cake!