Friday, August 3, 2007

I'll give you something for nothing

Yes, that's what alot of people expected to hear me say when we opened up for our garage sale today. Now, this post is not meant to offend those of you who love to look for bargains at garage sales, but just how it can exhaust those who are selling things. I'm not big on doing garage sales, however, after we moved to our new home last May, we realized how many items remained in our basement for a little over a year, untouched/unopened. So, my husband and I decided it was time to purge alot of items that we were no longer using, as well as toys that the boys are no longer interested in.

So, we decided to open our door bright and early this morning to await those who wanted to find a deal. I consider myself to be a fair person and tried to price items accordingly. Within the first hour we had several people come by looking for deals. I ran into a few tough customers who didn't want to pay what the price was on the sticker and I remained firm on certain items. What I don't understand is why someone continues to barter even after I've told them that the price is the price. For example, I had a couple of games that had never been opened and a woman brings one up and says "I'll give you a quarter for this game". I smiled politely and said "I"m sorry but I'm asking $3 for it because it's never been opened. What I was saying in my head was "are you kidding me, you think that I'm going to basically give you a brand new game for a quarter?"

Needless to say, some walked away when they realized that I wasn't budging, my husband thought I was crazy for not dealing but I figured that we had another full day of potential customers and if no one purchased certain things, our local charities would gladly take any items that I had. Maybe it's simply my personality that doesn't lend itself to the "thrill of the chase", I'm perfectly fine taking my toys and going home.

Tomorrow is another day...

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