Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's hard to believe that next week is's also hard to believe (not really) that I haven't had anything to talk about since September 29. I really have but life just continues to move at an erratic pace for the family. A lot has been going on but I just can't seem to focus enough to write it down. My goal is to not just talk about myself but to capture things Lover Boy and Monkey do to amuse us so that someday, they can see how I saw them when they were young. I want to be more diligent in posting so I think that's one of the New Year's resolutions that I'll make, should be interesting!

One of the bigger events of this fall was celebrating Loverboy's 7th birthday...I can't believe that he's 7, the years have gone so quickly but they've been filled with a lot of love and hugs, what more can a Mom ask for. We also took the plunge this year and allowed him to have his first party with school friends, he had such a great time and the kids did too (we took them bowling) but chasing around after 11 boys was very challenging, thankfully, it was only for two hours!
This picture was taken at our family celebration, see my lovely cake! It's been my goal every year to make the boys their cakes and put whatever design they want on them (within reason of course, because it takes me awhile just to get the simple designs done!)

One of the the best things that we've accomplished for the house in the last three months was putting down hard wood floors in the dining room, living room, kitchen and laundry room (I love my husband!) and having our kitchen updated. The floors were put in by hubby and he did a fantastic job! We had to remove ceramic tile from the foyer and let me tell you that was a huge project in and of itself! Once the floors were completed (over the course of several weeks) we decided to hire a great contractor to semi-remodel our kitchen. I say that because we really didn't take out the entire kitchen and remodel the entire thing, just took particular areas that drove us crazy (like my pretty white, faux leather looking countertops that only showed the past 20 years worth of dirt on them, YUCK and a drop ceiling with lovely fluorescent was just too pretty!) I'm still tweaking some final touches, but just the little things that were done and some fresh paint has really made it pop, to which point I actually want to cook in there (and if you know me...that's a HUGE step!)

We went from this lovely sight... To this beautiful one...

The best part is that when anyone lifts their arms above their head, they don't hit the dropped ceiling anymore, yeah! So, that took about two weeks to complete but we're so happy that it's done, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

While we were in kitchen chaos, Halloween came and went but I at least have to share what the boys were this year...who says good and evil can't be friends?

So, now that fall weather is officially here (it snowed yesterday) we've been working on getting all the wood chopped up for fires and making our house cozy for the long winter months ahead. Loverboy and Daddy have been hard at work with Cub Scouts (Dad's the Den leader, which means that Mom's involved too) but Loverboy really seems to like it and enjoys having Dad as the leader.

Monkey's still Monkey, except he has now embodied the spirit of Indiana Jones...literally...this child wakes up singing the theme song and goes to bed doing the same. I want to post video of it soon because my co-workers don't believe me that's what he does all day but it's true! If he's not crooning to Indiana Jones, then he wants to play Lego Star Wars video game, which drives me crazy because I loathe video games. However, he has lost the urge now that the PS3 has been unplugged. I'm sure that he'll find something new to obsess about (he really is his Mommy!)

This post is longer than I wanted it to be but we are still here and there's more to update on so I'll save that for another time. Family is coming into town next week so who knows when I'll be back...

Until then,

Monday, September 29, 2008

A season of letting go...

Usually, I so look forward to the month of September. I mean, it's my birthday, the start of football season, it starts getting cooler out...what's there not to love? September 2008 has been the exception, what a yucky month!

The beginning of the month was great, I celebrated my birthday with a bunch of girlfriends at Abuelo's (YUM) and got some great gifts from family and friends! However, the first weekend was very sad...David's Grandfather's health was failing and we knew that we would soon be taking a trip to Detroit. We lost Joe on that Sunday and headed up to Detroit the following Tuesday. It was really nice to see David's sister and brother (living in different states) fly in for the funeral and be able to catch up with his family, but it was a difficult time for everyone. I think the hardest part was watching David's Grandmother struggle with letting go.

As I sat in the chapel listening to the pastor, I started thinking how I would handle such a difficult situation? I understand that his Grandparents have lived full lives but you still watch someone struggle to say goodbye to someone who's always known them best. I have been very fortunate to be married to a man who not only knows me but gets me. I didn't believe in soulmates before David but in almost 15 years of knowing him (9 of them being married), I can't imagine a better person to walk through this life with. He's my best friend, my sound board, my everything. For those who know me, that's not easy for me to say because I'm as stubborn as they come and I'm VERY independent. But, meeting David and loving him for all these years has changed that. I'm still independent, but I now know that God chose this person for me to walk through every season with, good or bad and for that reason alone, I trust in Him completely.

After we came home, the Buckeyes lost (which is sad for me but not life altering) and then a I got a nasty flu bug that seemed to take forever to get rid of. Before I got sick, my mom had said that my Granny was asking for me to visit (she has been in a nursing home for a little over a year now after a surgery left her unable to walk and take care of herself). So, on a Friday afternoon, I went with my mom to visit. I am of the belief that I want to see people when they're well, it's very difficult for me to see someone when their very sick. My Granny was also of this same belief and that's why she didn't always ask for me to visit. However, I knew that when she made the request, that it was important for me to go.

It was very difficult to go in and see her, but I knew that she knew me which made me feel better. We chatted while my mom fed her lunch and I showed her pictures of the boys. After a couple of hours, we decided to head home and as we were packing up, Granny broke down in tears. As I leaned over to kiss her on the forehead she said to me how beautiful I was and that she was proud of me and my family. This caught me off guard a little but I looked at her and said that I loved her and I'd be back soon. Little did I know that two weeks later, she would pass.

Last week, we knew that she was failing and she'd been in Hospice care for almost a month (God bless everyone who took such wonderful care of her.) So, as the week started, we knew that she wasn't doing well but I just didn't get the time to get over there. However, knowing my Granny, she didn't want me to see her this way so I felt that I was justifying my not going. I wanted to remember her happy and smiling, not in pain and crying. Logan kept asking to go see her but I tried to explain that "Granny isn't feeling well and she wouldn't want you to be upset." As Wednesday came, I talked to my mom who said that Sabina (Hospice worker) called to say that her heart was failing and that she's not going to make it through the night. Within a half hour of me getting to my folks house, Hospice called to say that she had passed. I can't describe the mix of emotions that I was feeling. Although in that moment, all I could think about was my mom.

My mom has been my best friend since before I met David and there's no way to describe her that would do her justice, she's the most AMAZING woman I've ever known. I always tell her that she missed her calling in life because I truly believe that she was meant to be a nurse, she has the most generous heart and is the most calm and nuturing person I know. To see her reaction when she heard the news was heartbreaking...but as my mom always does, she puts on a brave face until she can be alone. Luckily, all of our family lives in Columbus, so we were able to get a hold of everyone and they all came over to be with my mom and my Aunt Teri. We spent the evening talking and enjoying being together to remember someone special.

My oldest son took the news hard, which as a parent (trying to explain it for the first time) was very difficult. David was in Cleveland for the day/evening so as I sat there on my son's bed listening to his questions and wiping his tears, all I could think about is how much I missed my husband. Sleeping alone that night was the toughest night ever for me, although I knew where he was, it was just the circumstances that made me appreciate how much I need and want David in my life and that I don't want to walk through life without him.

So, this is basically why I haven't posted all month, and honestly, I'm glad to see this month come to an end. Hoepfully, October will be a new season for me, filled with joy and surprises!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, so I'm a few days early, but my guys wanted me to have birthday present in plenty of time for my girls night out next weekend and I wanted to share how fabulous this gift is! I absolutely LOVE taking pictures, to be able to capture expressions and small moments that my children and I can look back on over the years is priceless to me!

Two years ago, my husband bought me an awesome Pentax camera with all the bells and whistles to capture our older son's sports games from the stands and while he was in action. But the only catch with that cool camera is that it has a BIG bag with all it's stuff. Most of the time it's no problem, but sometimes (school functions, impromptu photo shoots) I either don't have a camera small enough to carry around in my purse. So, after many months of dropping hints of how great it would be to have one to carry with me at all times...low and behold this beauty was unveiled to me earlier this evening.

I'm very excited to test it out and with my Type A personality, I now am very excited to know that I'll always have a camera to help me capture whatever great moment comes along! Thanks guys, it sure made my birthday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I love this time of year...buying school supplies, changing colors of the leaves, cooler temps and most importantly FOOTBALL! I've been a sports fan my whole life, whether it was through playing, coaching or watching, I pretty much enjoy watching all sports. My two favorite sports are college football and basketball. And being a part of The Ohio State University, I would be crazy not to cheer on the BUCKEYES!

This picture was taken last year of the boys as the football season started, which I plan on making a tradition to take photos next to Brutus each year. I actually started saying "O-H" to the boys as I tuck them in at night and I love the fact that they respond "I-O", it's a little something that the boys and I say to each other and it's so much fun to see them as excited to watch the team as I am.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's been such a long time since I've posted but the emotions that I've experienced today compelled me to write today. Being a mom is a more ways than one. You long to protect your children from harm and hope to instill in them the right values that they can someday pass along to their own children. It is when I sit in the silence of my house (which I rarely get) do I reflect upon the fact that I have a blessed life...sometimes more than I deserve. Although being a mom is stressful, I cherish every day knowing that I have two beautiful, healthy sons who love me unconditionally, and I them.

In a world that is ever changing, I see so many mothers around me who have the extraordinary struggles of not only being a mom but dealing with extreme sickness and unfortunately death of a child. In talking with a co-worker whose son was diagnosed four years ago with a brain tumor, and has recently been told that a mass is appearing again, I listened and watched at how her strength and faith in God is guiding her through these challenging times. Although I've never experienced that type of situation in my own life, as a mom, my heart ached as I know the thoughts that were circling in her mind. But, we carry on, pray for one another and hope that with each passing day, it brings these families one step closer to finding a cure.

There are so many ways to say you love someone but for me, it is the extra hug I give my boys as I tuck them in at night, or the extra kisses I plant on them when they're not expecting it...just the physical attention I give them lets them know that they are my world and I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

I am grateful to my mom and dad...for showing me how to be a strong person and love with all my heart.

I am grateful to my husband Dave...for his constant love over the years and for giving me the gift of our two wonderful sons.

I am most grateful to my sons...each day, in their own unique and fun way, they show me how to love even more than I thought I could.

Even though I don't always say it out loud, I am always grateful.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day David!

Dear David,

Today we celebrated two special events, something that only happens once every eleven years, Father's Day and your birthday. I can't begin to tell you how many ways you have amazed me with your strength, love, commitment and support to both myself and our boys. When I met you, almost 15 years ago, gosh we're old, I never thought that we would be where we are today...but I'm so thankful that our paths crossed all those years ago.

I still remember the day that Logan was born, the look on your face as you held him for the first time was priceless and not a word was uttered from you for a good five minutes while you held him and soaked it all in. Ever since that first day, we've had alot of fun and frustrations but through everything, you've been there every step of the way. Three years later, Carter came along and when he was born, I saw a veteran dad, still holding your son in awe and wonder but I also saw a very proud man who knew that he had two sons to teach the things that his father had taught him. As Logan looked on at his new little brother and sang to him, I saw you smile, holding Carter in your arms and patting Logan on the back as he sang to's a picture that I'll never forget.

At this moment, our boys don't really understand this kind of unconditional love but I know as time passes, you'll be here, guiding them and showing them how to be men. You are so fortunate to have this special type of bond that the three of you will carry on for the rest of your lives and as their mother and your wife, it is truly a joy to watch this each and every day. My hope is that our boys grow up and become just like you...a loving man with the heart of a child.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and Happy Father's Day to an amazing dad!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big boy bed, redefined.

I've been terrible about this blog thing but it's a New Year and I'm determined to start writing down more informaiton. So, with the new year comes our first big child challenge. No, not potty training, come on people, we're a ways away from that but we're tackling the transition from the crib to the bog boy bed! I don't want to sleep in the big boy bed! That's the phrase that I heard from my sweet 2.5 year old tonight as he was introduced to sleeping in his first big boy bed. I just assumed that most kids, after they turned two, would want to desperately escape from the prison that is their crib and move to into the BED! Nope, not my son, he will be three in two weeks and wants nothing to do with a big boy bed.

So, we'd been talking about it for the past several weeks, practicing on his big brother's bed, hoping that he'd want to move on. We decided that we'd take the plunge tonight and put the bed together and cross our fingers. So we began at 7:00pm, knowing that we'd still be there by 9:00pm. My husband decided that he'd be in charge of putting our youngest to bed. Within the first half hour, he emerged from his room five times, no big deal, we expected it. So then, I asked him if he liked his new bed and he simply said "NOPE!" My husband reassured me that this wouldn't be a problem...this is the same man who reassures me each night that he'll get up with the boys when they need us, I'm up 500-3. Needless to say, I'm used to being the one to come up with the answers to keep the boys in bed and sleeping through the night.

However, my husband totally impressed me tonight. I'd only been downstairs for about ten minutes when he comes into the room and sits down. I look at him and said "you gave up and put him in his crib?" He says "no, he's falling asleep as we speak". So I'm thinking to myself, how the heck did he do it? He proceeds to tell me, "Honey, he just wants to feel secure, so I put the crib in front of where his bed is and as soon as I did that, he laid down and said good night."

Ok, so my first thought is why didn't I think of that. Sure enough, he loves the thought of being able to look through the bars of the crib to feel secure. I went upstairs to check on him and he's crashed out in his big boy bed. I couldn't believe it! So, I'm very proud that my husband who took a situation that I thought for sure was going to be a struggle for at least the next week and potentially reduced to a couple of nights. Understanding that we'll eventually need to take the crib down, but hey, one accomplishment at a time!