Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big boy bed, redefined.

I've been terrible about this blog thing but it's a New Year and I'm determined to start writing down more informaiton. So, with the new year comes our first big child challenge. No, not potty training, come on people, we're a ways away from that but we're tackling the transition from the crib to the bog boy bed! I don't want to sleep in the big boy bed! That's the phrase that I heard from my sweet 2.5 year old tonight as he was introduced to sleeping in his first big boy bed. I just assumed that most kids, after they turned two, would want to desperately escape from the prison that is their crib and move to into the BED! Nope, not my son, he will be three in two weeks and wants nothing to do with a big boy bed.

So, we'd been talking about it for the past several weeks, practicing on his big brother's bed, hoping that he'd want to move on. We decided that we'd take the plunge tonight and put the bed together and cross our fingers. So we began at 7:00pm, knowing that we'd still be there by 9:00pm. My husband decided that he'd be in charge of putting our youngest to bed. Within the first half hour, he emerged from his room five times, no big deal, we expected it. So then, I asked him if he liked his new bed and he simply said "NOPE!" My husband reassured me that this wouldn't be a problem...this is the same man who reassures me each night that he'll get up with the boys when they need us, I'm up 500-3. Needless to say, I'm used to being the one to come up with the answers to keep the boys in bed and sleeping through the night.

However, my husband totally impressed me tonight. I'd only been downstairs for about ten minutes when he comes into the room and sits down. I look at him and said "you gave up and put him in his crib?" He says "no, he's falling asleep as we speak". So I'm thinking to myself, how the heck did he do it? He proceeds to tell me, "Honey, he just wants to feel secure, so I put the crib in front of where his bed is and as soon as I did that, he laid down and said good night."

Ok, so my first thought is why didn't I think of that. Sure enough, he loves the thought of being able to look through the bars of the crib to feel secure. I went upstairs to check on him and he's crashed out in his big boy bed. I couldn't believe it! So, I'm very proud that my husband who took a situation that I thought for sure was going to be a struggle for at least the next week and potentially reduced to a couple of nights. Understanding that we'll eventually need to take the crib down, but hey, one accomplishment at a time!