Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok, so I'm a few days early, but my guys wanted me to have birthday present in plenty of time for my girls night out next weekend and I wanted to share how fabulous this gift is! I absolutely LOVE taking pictures, to be able to capture expressions and small moments that my children and I can look back on over the years is priceless to me!

Two years ago, my husband bought me an awesome Pentax camera with all the bells and whistles to capture our older son's sports games from the stands and while he was in action. But the only catch with that cool camera is that it has a BIG bag with all it's stuff. Most of the time it's no problem, but sometimes (school functions, impromptu photo shoots) I either don't have a camera small enough to carry around in my purse. So, after many months of dropping hints of how great it would be to have one to carry with me at all times...low and behold this beauty was unveiled to me earlier this evening.

I'm very excited to test it out and with my Type A personality, I now am very excited to know that I'll always have a camera to help me capture whatever great moment comes along! Thanks guys, it sure made my birthday!

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