Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's hard to believe that next week is's also hard to believe (not really) that I haven't had anything to talk about since September 29. I really have but life just continues to move at an erratic pace for the family. A lot has been going on but I just can't seem to focus enough to write it down. My goal is to not just talk about myself but to capture things Lover Boy and Monkey do to amuse us so that someday, they can see how I saw them when they were young. I want to be more diligent in posting so I think that's one of the New Year's resolutions that I'll make, should be interesting!

One of the bigger events of this fall was celebrating Loverboy's 7th birthday...I can't believe that he's 7, the years have gone so quickly but they've been filled with a lot of love and hugs, what more can a Mom ask for. We also took the plunge this year and allowed him to have his first party with school friends, he had such a great time and the kids did too (we took them bowling) but chasing around after 11 boys was very challenging, thankfully, it was only for two hours!
This picture was taken at our family celebration, see my lovely cake! It's been my goal every year to make the boys their cakes and put whatever design they want on them (within reason of course, because it takes me awhile just to get the simple designs done!)

One of the the best things that we've accomplished for the house in the last three months was putting down hard wood floors in the dining room, living room, kitchen and laundry room (I love my husband!) and having our kitchen updated. The floors were put in by hubby and he did a fantastic job! We had to remove ceramic tile from the foyer and let me tell you that was a huge project in and of itself! Once the floors were completed (over the course of several weeks) we decided to hire a great contractor to semi-remodel our kitchen. I say that because we really didn't take out the entire kitchen and remodel the entire thing, just took particular areas that drove us crazy (like my pretty white, faux leather looking countertops that only showed the past 20 years worth of dirt on them, YUCK and a drop ceiling with lovely fluorescent was just too pretty!) I'm still tweaking some final touches, but just the little things that were done and some fresh paint has really made it pop, to which point I actually want to cook in there (and if you know me...that's a HUGE step!)

We went from this lovely sight... To this beautiful one...

The best part is that when anyone lifts their arms above their head, they don't hit the dropped ceiling anymore, yeah! So, that took about two weeks to complete but we're so happy that it's done, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

While we were in kitchen chaos, Halloween came and went but I at least have to share what the boys were this year...who says good and evil can't be friends?

So, now that fall weather is officially here (it snowed yesterday) we've been working on getting all the wood chopped up for fires and making our house cozy for the long winter months ahead. Loverboy and Daddy have been hard at work with Cub Scouts (Dad's the Den leader, which means that Mom's involved too) but Loverboy really seems to like it and enjoys having Dad as the leader.

Monkey's still Monkey, except he has now embodied the spirit of Indiana Jones...literally...this child wakes up singing the theme song and goes to bed doing the same. I want to post video of it soon because my co-workers don't believe me that's what he does all day but it's true! If he's not crooning to Indiana Jones, then he wants to play Lego Star Wars video game, which drives me crazy because I loathe video games. However, he has lost the urge now that the PS3 has been unplugged. I'm sure that he'll find something new to obsess about (he really is his Mommy!)

This post is longer than I wanted it to be but we are still here and there's more to update on so I'll save that for another time. Family is coming into town next week so who knows when I'll be back...

Until then,