Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things...

So, I've been 'tagged'...on Facebook, that is. "25 Random Things About Me..." So, I've decided to share them just in case anyone was curious about me. Besides, everyone is not on FB, and it was kind of a fun exercise.

1. I am a painfully shy person. I guess that’s partially why I don’t have a lot of close friends now, I’ve always been afraid of rejection.

2. I wish that I had kept in touch with several of my friends from high school, although now with FB, I feel as though I’ve been given a second chance to stay in touch.

3. I’m a very loyal friend, if given the chance, I would do anything for a friend.

4. My ideal job would be working for the FBI as a profiler, I received my degree from OSU in Sociology/Criminology but then after school, I didn’t want to continue with classes so I gave up pursuing the FBI.

5. I have never been a girlie girl. Growing up, I was much happier playing War or Capture the Flag than playing with Barbie’s. Thankfully, I have two boys so I’m prepared for the “boy” stuff!

6. I’m very organized in every aspect of my life and job, my husband would probably say I’m a little OCD with it.

7. I’m a pessimist, I don’t always enjoy being this way and I wish that I could be more optimistic. I am amazed that by having my own children that I’m learning to attempt to be more optimistic for them so that they have a better perception of people and the world.

8. I love watching sports! Especially football, basketball and hockey, this is one of the reasons my husband loves me.

9. I love the month of March (for sports), NCAA basketball is the best, I wish that I could just sit at BW3s for the entire tournament and watch all the games.

10. I love to sing. I miss being in high school where I had three periods devoted to singing or being a part of a group that performed. Yet I was too scared to try out for our Chorale and ended up playing the bongo’s (don’t get me started) just to be a part of the experience.

11. I hate being the middle child. I’ve always been stuck between a very talented older sister (vocal and acting) and a younger brother who’s athletic and smart. I just tried to fit in, between sports and music but I never felt important.

12. I wish I were closer with my siblings (we’re all five years apart), but growing up, we all had such unique interests that I never connected with them.

13. I’m addicted to reality TV shows and soap operas (esp. GH).

14. I love reading about organizing there are so many great ideas out there, Real Simple magazine is my favorite.

15. I hate to cook.

16. I love to make cakes and decorate them, I never took a class, but I learned from watching my mom when she made cakes for people when I was in high school.

17. I love to clean, it relaxes me.

18. I’m very honest, sometimes too much.

19. I addicted to reading blogs, I also have my own, but I prefer to read about other people’s lives.

20. I’m my own worst critic, I’m never happy with myself.

21. I don’t drink, because I don’t enjoy the taste, but there a lot of times that I wish I did!

22. I married my best friend. Although we’re complete opposites, he keeps me happy and hopeful.

23. I think that my fear of rejection has cost me a lot of wonderful experiences when I was younger, I was so focused on being the “good girl” that I didn’t enjoy high school or college.

24. I wish I was a better mom to my boys. I feel guilty everyday working is costing me experiences with them. I was very fortunate to have my mom at home and I feel bad that I’m unable to do that for them.

25. I favorite thing to do is take photos. I wish that I had started my own photography business, I love telling a story or capturing that special moment.

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