Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Yep, you guessed it...the snow has finally hit Columbus over the past two weeks and boy oh boy, it's COLD! Now that the boys are older, I remember vividly praying at night that it would snow like crazy so that school would be closed and we could go sledding or simply stay in our PJ's and watch cartoons. It's funny how you forget about until your kids hit an age where you can see it in their eyes.

Although I wouldn't let them go out last week, when it was -3 degrees (I'm such a mean I've been told), I decided yesterday that since hubby wanted to take them sledding I would bundle them up and let them have some fun. Mind you, mom stayed home in the nice warm house because I don't care how much fun sledding is, getting ahead of my laundry is WAY more fun (ok, so that's not really a fair comparison). After a little over an hour, I hear the garage door open and two kids looking like frozen popsicles standing at the door waiting to be de-iced. After getting them de-iced and settled down for lunch, I was told about tumbling down the hill, hitting one's head on the ground and other general "mishaps" that come with sledding. All in all, fun was had by all (I could even tell that Dave had fun!)

Here are some pics from the frozen tundra!

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