Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Conversations in the car...

This is a conversation that Carter (my almost 4 yr. old) had with my mom in her car yesterday and I couldn't help but share.

Carter: "Nana?"

Nana: "Yes Carter."

Carter: "Nana, would you take me to the 'wicker store'?"

Nana: "What?"

Carter: "Would you take me to the wicker store?"

Nana: "Buddy, I don't know what you're talking about."

Carter: "Nana, Daddy goes to the 'wicker store' but he won't take me and I want to see what's in the store."

Nana: "Oh, you mean the liquor store?"

Carter: "Yes, the wicker store, I want to see the magical store where only daddy gets to go."

Nana: "Well buddy, you'll have to talk to your daddy about that."

When my mom called me, to repeat the story, I could barely control my laughter...needless to say, this is a conversation that I wanted to remember so that I can share with Carter when he can truly appreciate it!

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Lylesliz said...

Poor Carter, if I were babysitting I'd let him go in with me. I'd probably get him to carry a bottle for me too! :)