Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dinner conversation

I'm so glad that I've started to blog about some of the things that I hear from my boys, because I don't think people would believe me but they really do say these things. At least this would make a great stand-up bit when they're older.

Tonight at dinner, Logan was explaining to his dad one of his homework papers and it was a list of items to learn more about the child. The sentence would start and then the child has to finish the thought. Here's how the conversation went:

Dad: So, you have to answer alot of questions?

Logan: Yes, but mommy and I already answered most of them, I only have two more that I need to answer.

Dad: It looks like the next question is, "I wonder..."

Logan: I know what I wonder daddy.

Dad: What?

Logan: I wonder when I'll get my first ex-wife.

Dad (after trying to keep his composure): No Logan, you hope that you never have to deal with that.
Ok moms, just think, this guy is going to be available to all of your daughters in just 14 or so short years. He's a keeper, you just don't realize it yet. All I can say is...I've got a lot of work to do!

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