Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Monkey!

Dear Carter,

Happy Birthday Monkey! It's hard to believe that you're turning four years old today. I can't even put into words how much joy you bring me each and every day. It's amazing to me as each year passes how much I see myself in you. You're so determined to assert your independance whether it's dressing yourself in mis-matched clothing, or trying to compete with your older brother at a video game, you always let everyone know around you that "I can do it myself!"

The evening you were born was such an exciting time for us because we were so happy that Logan would have a little brother to teach things to. Little did we know that at this young age, you're the one who's teaching us everyday. I love your devilish smile and how you come into our room and gently tap me on the shoulder when you can't sleep at night. It makes me smile to hear you sing Christmas songs year round because it makes you "happy" and that you always kiss the top of my hand before you leave a room and call me your "princess". It's fun to hear you sing the Indiana Jones theme song 24/7 and use the toy whip to swing from the bottom of the stair railing to escape the "bad guys." I love how you still can't pronounce your "L's" (you still say Wove rather than Love) and that you feel so big when you get to say the prayer at dinner time. And I especially love our secret way to say I love you is when I say "O-H" and you reply "I-O."

I love you buddy, you'll always be my Monkey, no matter how big you may get!

Love Always,
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Farrah said...

So sweet! I love looking at progression pictures - amazing. Hope you guys had a fund birthday weekend.