Saturday, February 7, 2009

Teach me

Today was an unexpected surprise for me. Logan and I decided to join some of my co-workers for an afternoon of ice skating at our local rink. I personally, wasn't looking forward to it because I haven't skated in a good 12 years and was nervous about getting out there and falling on my face.

Now, initially, I had planned on taking both boys but I ended up only taking Logan because his little brother was still sick. I completely expected Logan to be too scared to step onto the ice so we would spend most of our time watching everyone else. Much to my surprise, Logan couldn't wait to hit the ice! We were fortunate in that my boss Lauren is also an ice skating teacher and she was kind enough to take Logan out until his mommy could find her legs out on the ice. She was great with him, even though he was initially clinging to the wall and in no time he was marching like a pro!

I was so proud as he took her instructions and wasn't afraid, even after he fell a few times. I always tend to be hesitant to break out of my comfort level and I realize that sometimes that's unfair to my kids. Once we were both on the ice, holding hands, there was no place I would have rather been.

On this day, both Logan and I got to do something new, and the fact that we did it with each other, will always be something very special to me. Thanks to my son, I'm learning how to have fun in the moment!

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Farrah said...

That's a beautiful picture of you two. Glad you came out of your comfort zone. I can be the same way and worry that I will stump Hattie's growth - ha ha!