Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's for Dinner?

For a lot of working moms (including myself) one of the evening battles is "what's for dinner?" In today's economic crunch, I've been looking for ways to cut costs but still provide a quality meal for my family. Another challenge for me is that I don't enjoy cooking, it's always been a stressor for me. Then I attended a Dream Dinners facility last year and loved the entire premise of it; they put all the ingredients together and the customer can either go in and prepare the meals or they can pick up items that are all ready to go. It was AWESOME! Unfortunately, I'm forcing myself to menu plan and create my own made ahead meals and it's been a struggle. Then I came across a Dream Dinners cookbook a few months ago and decided to try it out.I made seven recipes from this book two weeks ago and have stocked my freezer with them. What's nice is that the book gives you quantity for either one recipe worth or three (I did three so that I had almost a months worth of meals in the freezer.) For people who have been to Dream Dinners before, keep in mind that the recipes in this book are not the same as what you purchase, so be sure to look through the book carefully. The prep time was very minimal and I found recipes for the whole family and some that just my husband and I will eat.

This is just one other step I'm taking to cut down costs yet still have a quality meal in the evening. It's just a baby step on my road to domesticity!

Happy Tuesday!

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Farrah said...

This sounds wonderful! I need to check it out. I like the premade meal places too but they are pricey. I don't go as often as I'd like to. :o(