Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did I mention...

That I'm in love?

I'm in love with three men, yes I said it three! One who I've been able to walk through the past 15 years of my life with as my friend and partner, and the other two who I've only known for a few years but what I've learned from them could last me for a lifetime.

A love that doesn't change with the seasons or trends, one that endures and withstands all situations, no matter how difficult they may be. A love that is so pure that I would give anything to bottle it up so that years from now, I'd be able to remember all of the little things that brought me such pure joy. It's the little things that make my life beautiful...ones that I tend to take for granted until I walk into a room to see my guys fast asleep, dreaming, as I gently tuck them in and kiss their foreheads. Or peeking in the rear view mirror when they don't think I'm watching, sharing secrets that only brothers can do.

Did I mention...that I'm in love?

The love that only my Carter can give, by a quick kiss on my hand whenever he leaves a room or when he tells me that he wants to "Tuddle" on the couch. The love I feel when my Buddha boy (Logan) runs to hug me everyday after he gets off the school bus and says "my day is perfect now because you're here." The love that is unspoken by the actual word, rather the I-O I hear every night as I leave Logan's room saying O-H and how I know that it makes us both smile.

I even love the bickering I hear when my men are playing and no one wants to be the "bad guy" but they both want to save the Princess (yep, that's me!) To know that their love is something that can't be bought or taken away, that only I know now what a mother's love is because I was blessed with both of them...sometimes it just doesn't seem real.

Did I mention...I'm in love?

I love how great they are as brothers. Brothers exploring new territory, taking the time to help one another and sharing little secrets that are just out of earshot from Mom and Dad. I know that most moms get sentimental when they think about how their children are growing up but I'm more excited as to what their future holds and how fortunate I am to be a part of it.

I look at their faces and see hope, joy, possibility...and most of all love, something that I'm blessed to be able to give them each and everyday.

I love these guys...forever and always.

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Farrah said...

So sweet. I enjoyed reading. :o)