Monday, March 16, 2009

Let the dance begin!

For those who know me well...they know that I'm a HUGE fan of men's college basketball! Of course, I follow my Buckeyes (they're a #8 seed this year) but when March Madness rolls around, it doesn't matter who's playing...I could watch basketball games non-stop!

But since my beloved Buckeyes are back in the tournament (last year they missed the big dance and had to settle for the NIT...which they won the entire tourney) I'm ready to cheer them on to hopefully the sweet sixteen. Unfortunately, if they win the first round (vs. Sienna) they would most likely face the #1 seed in the region, Louisville...I don't know if the Buckeyes have enough in their arsenal to defeat the Cards. For now, I can be optimistic because on any given day, any team can lose...I just hope that my boys aren't the losers!

Unlike other sports, this incredible tournament showcases talent from across the country and in three weeks, you go from a field of 64 teams to two. For NCAA basketball fans like myself, it's fun to hear the back story on teams that no one in the media pays any attention to until the tournament. Who can't help but cheer for those Cinderella teams! There's always one or two teams that have an amazing story of how they got to the tournament and come in to take on some of the most highly recruited and dominating teams in the country. And "for one shining moment" (thanks CBS) those teams show the world their team has what it takes to be in the big dance.

I've got my bracket and thanks to the beauty of CBS mobile TV, I can catch updates and scores on all the excitement. Ok, maybe not everyone shares my enthusiasm but these last three weeks have to sustain me until next October!

Let the dance begin!

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