Monday, March 9, 2009

My new companion

Well, I didn't think I could ever love a phone...but I heart my iPhone!
This phone is amazing! I've never been a gadget gal but I wanted to transition away from my paper planner to something more versatile and compact. So, last year I bought my Palm and although I truly enjoyed it, however, I found that it was lacking something. After Christmas, I started looking at this phone and wanted to try it out. So, thanks to David, I got it a few weeks ago. To save money, I purchased a refurbished one and it's well worth it!

The applications are amazing, I love that I can locate silly things like, where the cheapest gas is around me, rather than driving around and checking out prices...silly I know but worth it! And I especially love the tip application that will calculate the number of guests by the tip you should leave, no more math in my head (trust me, it's a very scary place to be!) But I love the calendar functions and the to-do apps. that make me wonder how I didn't purchase this little cutey sooner!

Let's just say, for this organized mom, it's worth it's weight in gold! Thank you Apple, this truly is a great phone!

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