Monday, May 25, 2009

Baseball, Blue Jackets and bunk beds...oh my!

It was definately a fun yet busy Memorial Day weekend at the Folian front and now another crazy week has begun!

We started the weekend with a great baseball game, Logan had two great hits and was able to do some more catching, which he really seems to love. Grandma joined us for the game which Logan loves when other people come to watch him play besides his boring Mom and Dad. Even Carter is starting to enjoy being at the games and cheering on his big brother! This is Logan's sign to us letting us know that he's ready to play ball!

After baseball, it was time to focus on the room redecorating that we have been planning for Logan's room over the past couple of months. Logan has been asking for a new room change for the past year. Mommy just had a hard time letting go of the dinosaurs that he loved so dearly. When asked what he wanted, there was no hesitation, I want a Blue Jackets room (our NHL team in Columbus.) Sorry Dad, Detroit is taking a back seat in your son's eyes, ha-ha! So, in my typical perfectionist style (see I have no problem saying it out loud) I began my search for everything CBJ. After looking at the prices to make my son's "dream" (at the moment) come true, I was looking at around $500 to make it happen. I don't think so...thankyouverymuch!

So, I decided that I would decorate his walls with CBJ framed posters (thanks to Dave) for getting so much crap memorabilia during the innagural season that it only cost us to purchase frames. We were able to decorate the walls of his room with framed pieces (that actually were printed the year before Logan was born.) Here's one of the framed posters...

Logan really wanted the new logo in his room so thanks to my MIL, I was able to use an overhead projector to create the logo on his main wall. The hard part was that it took me a full day to complete this (four coats of paint, ugh!) But the look on Logan's face when he saw it was the perfect "thanks Mom." What do you think?

So, Saturday afternoon, we headed over to one of my co-workers homes and picked up a set of bunk beds that her son had out grown. I had been looking for beds for eight months but nothing was in my price range (for quality wooden bunk beds) and I wasn't even sure if the boys would want to bunk together. We got the beds home, set them up and the boys loved them, as you can see...

These guys are loving the fact that they can now create the coolest forts and just hang out together. As it was time to go to bed, I wasn't sure if Carter would really want to stay in Logan's room but they were ready to go to sleep before I could finish their story. I kissed my guys good night and closed the door, but I did stay at the door just to see if they would start talking to one another. It was so sweet when I heard my gentle giant say to his little brother, "it's ok buddy, if you need me, just let me know and I'll come up to the top bunk with you and keep you safe." They talked for a few more minutes and then everything fell least for a moment until they both started snoring heavily, I sure pitty their future roommates!
We had a very relaxing Memorial Day, boys played in the little pool out back, we grilled out and just spent time together as a family. I feel very blessed every day that my little piece of heaven is just hanging with my guys!

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