Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can I play with madness?

No, I'm not referring to what happens when the boys go to a ball game with Nana and Papa, get hyped up on sugar and then sent home to my loving arms to contend with (although that totally happened on Mother's Day!) The title of this post is what my four year old was doing screaming last night as he was attempting to brush his teeth for bed time. I truly don't think I've laughed this hard in months!

Here's the back story, my husband is a total music freak, he and his iPod are best buds (he listens to such a wide variety of music.) So, I've come to understand that when I'm not in the car with my guys or away from home, Dave imparts his musical taste on my young, impressionable boys. A few times I've come home to find the boys "rocking out" to Metallica or Megadeth in the family room, while half naked and playing their air guitars (I have to take picture sometime!) Other times, I'll come home to find them peacefully sitting on the couch with Dave listening to the calming sounds of James Taylor (I just never know what I'm coming home to, HA!)

But lately, my son Logan has been learning the fine art of rocking out before a game (soccer or baseball) and his favorite song is "Can I play with madness" (I sure hope this isn't God's way of telling me what I have to look forward to in a few years!) When it's nice out, we turn on the iPod and turn on the speakers on the patio so we can listen while we play and of course, that was Logan's first selection. Now, on a side note, he does have my musical tastes as well (if you want to call it that) when he also asks Dave to play N*Sync's "Bye, Bye, Bye" (because he likes that I know the hand motions), that remains an "indoor" song Daddy says because Logan always begins to flail his arms when he hears this song.

So, after a couple of hours in the backyard last night working on hitting baseballs and fielding, it was time to come in for our nightly bed time routine. Now, my sweet, shy Carter tends to do everything Logan does when we're around, never of his own accord. So, imagine my surprise as I was heading upstairs to check on my monkeys (bathroom door was closed) and I hear this shouting of the lyrics to Iron Maiden's song and as I slowly open the door, I see my sweet, little Carter completely naked, with toothbrush in hand, singing at the top of his lungs the few words that he does know/understand. As soon as he saw me he ran to the door and pushed it closed and I proceeded to fall to the floor in hysteric laughter over what I had just witnessed. Logan comes out of his room and wants to know "what's so funny?" to which I respond "Oh, your brother is just finding his inner rockstar."

I know I've said it before, but boys are just plain funny!

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Joan Lavella said...

Okay, that is a very cute story! And I definitely need to check this more often, you did not tell me about your awesome Mother's Day gift. Justin so wanted the red W/D and I wouldn't do it. It looks way better in your house.
The boys are so cute with their noses on the glass. Andrew helps me load the frontloader, best reason to get them. Do you really make what's on those menus each week? Do the boys really eat salmon and coconut crushed fish?

Love you, Joan