Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soccer send off

Well, tonight was Logan's final soccer game as he has decided to try fall baseball since he seems to prefer baseball over soccer (at least right now.) Logan definately went out with a bang as he scored two goals and worked as hard as he could to help out his team.

Fortunately, Logan has had a great coach for the past two years as he has learned how to play the game and more importanly learned how to be part of a team. Thanks to Coach Dad for always being patient and supportive, even when he was trying to score on his own net! This has been something that both father and son have shared together and I know that they both have enjoyed the experience.

Although I personally am very competitive when it comes to sports, I'm just glad that Logan is able to experience different things and decide for himself what he wants to spend his time doing. I'm so proud of Logan and how much effort he gives each and every time. My hope is that he tries a variety of things besides sports so that he can see how much variety he truly can have in his life.

Great job Logan, your hard work definately paid off!

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