Sunday, July 12, 2009

He's Growing Up!

Well, I knew that this day would come, however, I expected it to happen two years from now. I love to go and shop for school supplies (a crazy trait I inherited from my mom!) and this year is no exception.

As soon as we saw the Target ad yesterday showing backpacks and school supply goodies on sale, I promptly pushed persuaded everyone to get in the car for a short trip. Off to Target we went, I was really looking forward to helping Logan pick out supplies. I know, it's the middle of July and I'm already trying to fast forward to the end of June! I really want the boys to enjoy their summer vacation but I also remember the fun I used to have with my mom going on excursions to find deals on fun items for school.

Alas, we maneuver our way around to the aisle of backpacks and I couldn't wait to see Logan's face as he tried to contemplate what to purchase; Transformers, GI Joe, or perhaps Batman. After about a minute in the aisle, my darling seven year old looked at me and stated "Mommy, I'm going to be a big second grader, I don't want these kind of backpacks, I want a plain colored one." WHAT...did my ears deceive me, did my little man ask for a regular backpack? Oh the sadness, the disappointment...yes it took me a few moments to compose myself. To hear Dave say it, you would've thought I'd been punched in the stomach, the look of dejection on my face. My little man no longer wanted a fun character backpack, he wanted a yucky old plain backpack.

As I stood in the aisle, not knowing what to say, I hugged my husband and said "what happened to my baby, first a plain backpack, next shaving!" Ok, so I took this pretty hard but I still have Carter yelling at me that he wants three different backpacks for pre-school...he knew just how to make his Mommy feel better!

It just continues to amaze me how quickly they grow up...

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Farrah said...

LOL - only you would love school supply shopping but then I probably will too. :o) I used to secretly wish I could order office supplies for everyone.