Thursday, July 9, 2009

A League of His Own...

Well, another season of little league baseball has come and gone...but what fun we had! This was the first season that Logan played "coach pitch" and actually had to work on connecting with the ball. At the beginning of the season it was pretty rough for all of the kids (ages 5-7) to figure out that the "tee" no longer exists and they have to play by the actual rules.

But what a difference a few short weeks can make! By tournament time, Logan and his entire team looked like they had been playing for an entire year together. And most importantly, they really seemed to "get" baseball and how much fun it is to play. It was great to see Logan actually looking forward to game days and wanting to play the entire game.

Logan took on the nickname "catch" towards the end of the season and it suits him perfectly! The funny thing about the nickname is that at the beginning of the season, he wanted nothing to do with being catcher but slowly he realized that his size/build is perfect for this position.

I decided to put together a little video of Logan so that our family that doesn't live in Ohio can still experience the "catch" in action. We're very proud of him for sticking with this and making such great progress, way to go Logan!

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