Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Brave Boy

I just have to get this off my chest, it's been a rough few weeks at the Folian house, I must admit that I'm glad to see summer ending! Between my health issues (saving for another post) and Daredevil's (aka Carter) recent activity, it's enough to drive a Mom crazy!

About three weeks ago, we had just finished up dinner on a Friday night and we're trying to figure out what to do next. Dave decides to take the boys out back to play until I could clean up the dishes. Not even ten minutes after they closed the back door, I'm at my kitchen window watching my youngest soar high in the air on the fantastic tree swing that Dave made for the boys earlier this summer. All of the sudden, I see our Daredevil let go of said swing in mid air, only to fall squarely to the ground horizontally. This can't be good. Carter is screaming bloody murder which sends Dave and Logan into a panic as I rush to the back door. No sooner had I opened the door, Dave was rushing in with Carter screaming not to touch him. It was very easy to see that he had severely broken his left arm and a hospital trip would be our "fun" Friday evening activity.

After explaining to Carter that if he didn't let me take off his Indiana Jones costume shirt, that he had put on prior to going outside, the nurses would have to cut it off of him. He finally agreed through a stream of tears and it was an excruciating two minutes while I manuvered his shirt off so we could make our way to the hospital. Poor Logan sat in the back seat blaming himself for Carter's fall because he ran in front of the swing right before Carter let go. I explained to Logan that it wasn't his fault and that the doctor's would take excellent care of Carter. Thankfully, Grandma was able to meet us at the hospital and take Logan home so he didn't have to stay at the hospital with us. The next eight hours were some of the worst time I've spent as a Mom in my life. I won't go in to all the details but suffice it to say, my heart was breaking for my son who was such a brave boy as he laid on the bed, watching Spongebob Squarepants, waiting for his arm to be cast. Thank goodness for those TV's in the rooms, it really helped pass the time for us and keep our brave boy calm...most of the time.

At around 1:30am on Saturday, Carter was taken to the Ortho room, where they put patients under to set their bones before putting on the cast. Yes, his brake was so severe that he had to be put under to re-set it in two places. You would have thought that my child was having major surgery with seven different doctor's and nurses around us all working to get this little guy home and to his bed! After an hour, we were on our way home (at 2:30am on Saturday) with a very sedated little boy and our sanity still in tact. And yes, being the photographer in the family, I did take pictures, but I promise to only show the final cast;

Here he is waiting in the Ortho room to get his "sleepy medicine" to fix his other arm:

Here is the finished product, one sleepy but cool, blue casted boy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carter conversation...

It always makes me smile when I hear how my four year old interprets our conversations;

Carter: "Mommy, can we stay up tonight?"

Me: "That's up to Daddy, he's in charge."

Carter runs downstairs to announce to his big brother...

Carter: "Logan, Mommy didn't say NO, and she says Daddy's in charge, piece of cake!"

Um...sounds like Daddy isn't in charge after all.

Wordless Wednesday