Sunday, May 30, 2010

Soccer Super Star!

This spring has been an exciting time for Carter as he has reached the age where he can begin playing organized sports! He has been chomping at the bit for the past year to play something, anything and finally he has been granted his wish by the GSA!

Carter has enjoyed his first soccer season and we've enjoyed being there cheering him on! At the end of the season, every member received a medal for their effort...needless to say Carter was so proud! Here are a few pictures that I took of medal man over the past few weeks...

Monkey, we're so proud of you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Carter Conversation...

One of my last posts was about a typical Carter conversation that happens between myself and my fiercely independent five year old. The conversation that took place last week is just too precious not to share...

NOTE: The conversation takes place at 4:00am on Monday morning, the day after Mother's Day...

Carter: "Mommy?" (poking me as I'm asleep in my bed)

Me: "Carter, please go back to sleep, it's too early to be getting up now."

Carter: "But Mommy, I have something important to tell you."

Me: "Carter, PLEASE go back to bed, Mommy's very tired and I have to get up in a little while to go into work."

Carter: "Mommy, I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry that it's no longer your Happy Mother's Day...I love you."

Me: Now feeling incredibly guilty...Aw buddy, thank you for telling me this, I love you too.

He truly amazes me...literally 24/7.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Logan's First Communion

Although Logan has had many "first's" in his life, this was a very special one for our family. On Mother's Day weekend, we celebrated Logan's first step in his faith journey by watching him participate in First Communion. It was so nice to see all of his friends dressed up in ties and jackets, I hardly recognized them!

After Mass, we enjoyed a nice celebration back at home with all of our family. One of the most special memories I will have of this day is that I had made Logan's Rosary and presented it to him, which he really loved it and thought he was special because I had made it for him.

We are so proud of you Logan, it's hard to believe that you've almost completed second grade and have already taken your first sacrament. We love you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad Blogger...

It's hard to believe that nearly eleven months have passed since my last entry, I know, bad blogger! My goal in starting this blog was to document my family events and the simple things that happen daily. However, being a working mom with two VERY active boys, I found less and less time to document because I wanted to participate more rather than reflecting. For the one person who read my blog, who is long gone by now, I'm sorry for not being better at this...but I'm back and I hope to be more consistent.

A lot has happened to my little family, both good and sad but I've decided to simply start anew with things that have happened recently. I can't wait to share pictures and stories as we head in to summer, a time of year that always keeps me on my toes!

I forgot how much I missed doing this and I want to make more of an effort to share the little musings of being a Mom Amongst Men.