Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Catch

Kids sports under the age of 10 have few moments where the game can get really exciting, most times we're simply trying to keep the team on the field, rather than running to the Port-A-Potty every ten minutes. This game was no exception. We were in the bottom of the fifth inning (they only play six innings) and we were losing by a run. Logan typically plays infield but coach had decided to rotate Logan over to Right Field for this inning (the kids are only allowed to play two innings at one position before they have to rotate elsewhere.) Most times, when kids are placed in the outfield, boredom ensues. They no longer focus, some twirl around, others start picking at the grass and a few simply sit down until a coach yells at them to stand up!

Logan tends to wander when he plays the outfield by looking up at the clouds or repeatedly giving us the "thumbs up" signal to make sure that we are completely focused on him. The Rays (his team) had gotten two outs and the batter at the plate had a full count. The next pitch comes in and we hear him "ping" it off the bat (no one uses wood bats in the younger leagues) high into the sky and heading right for Logan's area. For that moment, Logan was actually watching the ball and we saw him extend his glove into the air and everyone's yelling for him to catch it. The next thing we know, his glove comes down, he turns and opens it to see the ball sitting in his glove and he whips his glove around for all to see. It wasn't the catch where his moment came but immediately afterward when he realized that he had caught the ball. Logan's face was beaming and he threw his hands in the air "Rocky" style and squealed "woooo-hoooo" with delight while jumping up and down. That was his moment. Pure.Sweet.Joy.

And of course, I didn't get it on tape or film. I'm the Mom who always has my camera (big or small) just in case those moments happen and of course, the one night I didn't bring anything, I missed capturing it. But the fact that remains that we were there. I will always remember the look on his face and how proud he was and that he immediately ran to me for our ritual "fist bump" (hugs are no longer permitted he tells me) to make sure that I saw him. He then proceeded to the bench for a round of high fives and way to go's from his teammates and coaches. That's when the game changed for Logan, that's when the game changed for me too.

I learned something that evening, that it's not important whether your kid is the star of the team but rather that your kid is there trying and participating and more importantly that we, as his parents, are there to support him. The look on his face is something that I will always remember but I will cherish the fact that he was more excited to share his moment with us afterwards. Thank you Logan.

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