Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boys of Summer

Well, as usual, I have the best of intentions with keeping up with my blogging but this summer has simply flown by! I just realized that with the start of Logan's fall baseball season, that I, in fact, never posted photos from both Carter and Logan's spring/summer baseball season. UGH!

This was the year of sports for Carter as he is now old enough to play baseball as well (yeah, this is starting to cost us a small fortune in fees and uniforms, lol!) However, totally worth it after watching Carter play T-ball for the first time and Logan moving up in the league's, playing A Major. I just can't believe that I have two boys who are big enough to play sports. I love sports (almost all of them) and so with this new season of our lives...comes a very competitive Mama! I know, I know, they're too young to really care about winning or losing, but it's never too early to teach fundamentals and the importance of being a team player. They both had great seasons, even with the crazy hot weather.

Here are my guys in action...

And here's big brother...

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