Friday, October 29, 2010

Another season in the books!

Well, we've made it through another season of baseball and soccer and I'm still alive! Lately, I find myself realizing more and more how much my parents went through when both my brother and I played multiple sports. Between practices and games we've been busy 4 out of 5 days running back and forth between activities since mid-August! Both boys played really well (as any proud Mom would say) in their respective sports (Carter-soccer and Logan-baseball) and I like that it keeps them active.

Here are a few pictures from the fall seasons

I really enjoy watching them play and develop their ability to function as part of a team. We get about a month and a half of rest before basketball starts up for them both, it will be alot of fun watching Carter play this sport for the first time. In my heart of hearts, I secretly desire for at least one of my kids to enjoy/excel at their Mom's favorite sport! March madness will take on a whole new meaning, LOL!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I had the best of intentions...

I really did but life just gets in the way. Between my real job, the boys, sports, volunteering and keeping the house managable, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to blog. I think I spend more time reading other blogs as I think "yeah, I should be writing something inspiring/insightful right now" and then reality (aka laundry, cooking, playing referee) rears its ugly head.

So, here I am with a moment to myself and I decided that I just needed to let my one reader know that I am still here! It's been a very busy fall filled with sports, school volunteering and work so I'm keeping this brief but I will continue to try and remain "social" in this social media driven world.

Happy Fall Y'all, it seems to be going by way too fast!